Countdown to Free Comic Book Day!

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Arriving this week!

Comics coming out this week!
Walking Dead #139

96 Store Ave
Waterbury, CT 06705

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Hours of Operation:
Monday: Closed
Tues-Fri: 12-8pm
Sat-Sun: 11-5pm

Free Comic Book Day:

May 2, 2015

Back in November 2013, a group of Wesleyan Film School students led by Richard Starzec asked to use Richie's Comic Cabana as the location of his student short film (SUPER)man. They shot the film over several weekends and at times up until 1 a.m. Now six months later on behalf of Richard Starzec and his fellow co-horts, The Comic Cabana presents the final cut of the film. Link used with permission.

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